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ESL iconDisproportionality Resources

BUENO Center
The BUENO Center works to facilitate equal educational opportunities for cultural and language minority students. It provides access to products that can assist teachers of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and links to other sites about culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE)
CREDE focuses on critical issues in the education of linguistic and cultural minority students and those placed at risk by factors of race, poverty, and geographic location. The center provides technical assistance, professional development support and portfolio and evaluation process and assessment. Its website provides access to reports on CREDE's research projects in the areas of language learning and academic achievement, instruction in context, professional development, integrated reform and system studies, family/peers/school and community and assessment. The site also offers links to publications and products concerning cultural and linguistic minority students.

The ERASE Network (part of ARC)
ERASE stands for Expose Racism and Advance School Excellence which is the focus of this group's initiative. Its website provides access to reports, a calendar of public events, and resources for journalists, teachers, parents, and students.

Harvard Civil Rights Project
The Civil Rights Project focuses on key civil rights and equal opportunity policies that have been neglected or overlooked. Its website provides current news on civil rights issues, and lists of conferences, resources, and publications on civil rights issues, including minorities in special education. Of specific interest may be the project's 2000 conference on Minority Issues in Special Education. The website has posted selected papers presented at that conference.

Higher Education Consortium for Special Education (HECSE)
HECSE serves institutes of higher learning that are involved in the preparation of special education leadership personnel. The website provides information on significant special education activities and issues in Washington, DC, and links to various special education academic programs in universities across the country and to other educational resources.

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System
The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System (NECTAS) believes that as our country becomes more culturally diverse, it is imperative to develop and intensify efforts to expand knowledge and skills to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services and supports to children and families. The page highlights Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)--funded early childhood projects and the innovative ideas and strategies they have used to ensure that their services are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Protection & Advocacy, The Nation's Disability Rights Network
This site provides information about the network of agencies and the technical assistance center (ATTAC), information on disability rights, a calendar of conferences and trainings for disability rights advocates and other professionals, and products for sale.

Safe and Responsive Schools Project at the Indiana Education Policy Center
This center offers technical assistance to enable schools and school districts to develop a broader perspective on school safety and violence prevention, stressing comprehensive planning, prevention, and parent/community involvement. The website includes information about specific projects, information about school violence, readable publications, and a list of resources. It also includes information and a report on minority disproportionality.

Preparing Minority Middle Schoolers for College
Urban minority students typically lack the support they need to make informed choices about postsecondary education. This report from ACT (the college admissions exam folks) recommends consistent, structured help, beginning in middle school, on how to prepare for college admission, how to select the right college, and how to apply for financial aid. Go to this page at the ACT website and find the download link for "Creating Seamless Educational Transitions for Urban African American and Hispanic Students."

ESL iconCultural Competence Resources

California Department of Education - Diversity: Issues and Responses
This site provides information and resources on cultural diversity, including links to information about diversity, a glossary of terms, and California demographic information.

Center for the Education of Students Placed at Risk
This site provides information on the Center for the Education of Students Placed at Risk (CRESPAR). It describes CRESPAR programs; offers reform models for schools facing problems with discipline, achievement scores, and student dropout rates; and provides links to more than 40 CRESPAR online reports.

Clearinghouse for Multicultural/Bilingual Education
The clearinghouse provides educators from pre-kindergarten to higher education with commercial and non-commercial sources for multicultural and bilingual/ESL information, materials, and resources.

Cultural Competence for Teachers: A Report on Approaches in Other States
This study was conducted by the Southwestern Oregon University Center to survey teacher certification requirements in 24 states to ascertain their "cultural competence" requirements for teacher licensure. It describes methodology, findings, and potential lessons.

Cultural Competency Web Page
This site answers questions relating to cultural competency, offers practical advice, and provides the opportunity to participate in online discussions.

Directory of Resources in Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competence
This directory of resources in cultural diversity was developed by the AAUAP Technical Assistance Task Force and Multicultural Committee. It is searchable by area of expertise, knowledge of cultural groups, additional skills, and last name.

Excellence in Cultural Competence Training and Education: A Compendium of Best Practices
This 32-page downloadable document describes resources and best practices in cultural competence training and education.

Rethinking Schools: Teaching and Cultural Competence (article)
This on-line article from Rethinking Schools: An Urban Education Journal (Summer 2001) describes teacher preparation to work in diverse learning environments.


ESL iconDiversity Resources

Equity and Cultural Diversity (an ERIC search via Teachers College)

This site provides links to resources, articles, and conferences on equity and diversity in public education and offers a directory of services relating to cultural diversity.

Exploratorium Teacher Institute: Multicultural Learning Resources
The site provides text, periodical, video, and World Wide Web resources relating to multicultural learning.

Multicultural Early Childhood Team Training (MECTT)
This site describes MECTT, a model for preparing parent and professional teams to improve services to diverse families of young children with special needs--infusing cultural competence in early childhood programs. It provides a training package consisting of a Participant Manual and Trainer's Guide and an orientation section. The site offers resources and training for community and statewide initiatives.

National Association for Multicultural Education
This site provides information on the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). It offers links to publications, resources, and state conferences relating to multicultural education.

National MultiCultural Institute Web Site
The site provides a list of publications and conferences on the topic of cultural competency and describes Organizational and Consulting Training programs.

Research Resources: Multicultural Education Pathfinder
It site provides a definition of multicultural education and offers links to print resources, electronic databases, internet resources, films, and professional organizations relating to multicultural education.

University of Maryland Diversity Database
This is a comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources, including general resources, diversity-related news, issue-specific resources; and definitions of words, phrases, and policy.

Urban Education Web
This site offers manuals, brief articles, annotated bibliographies, reviews and summaries of outstanding publications, and conference announcements in urban education.

The Urban Special Education Research Collaborative
This site provides information on the Urban Special Education Research Collaborative, a network of special education leaders from urban school districts. It offers opportunities for an electronic network, communication forum, and online professional development.

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